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MANIFESTATION CAMP: Speeding up your Manifestation Process

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Time to get back into your spiritual practice just in time for the start of Fall!

Monday September 13th
This comprehensive Manifestation camp will push you right back into the swing of your manifestation practice so that you can completely get back into alignment just in time to leverage one of the most powerful manifestation times of the year - Fall, or as we like to call it, The Manifestation Harvest. 

Focus of camp: 
Learn how to increase the rate at which your manifestations come in

Each day of camp you will wake up to:
New lesson and accompanying instruction to make your manifestations come through faster

Brand new guided visualization for each morning


Accurate, researched, and proven tools

Daily interaction, all questions answered

Morning until evening support

-You'll be sent a link to a private group within 24 hours of purchasing
-Info will be remain available to campers for 30 days AFTER the completion of the weeklong camp for anyone who needs additional time with the material
-All guided visualizations will be emailed to each camper at the end of the week as well so they can always have them and use them
-Prepare to set aside about 30 minutes of time everyday 

*warning* this will be some intense manifesting so please remain hydrated, get your sleep, have an idea of the meals you'll be eating that week - you will need to be clear as a bell for this energy work. Accelerating a manifestation is a concentrated  and intense kind of energy work so we will need your full attention for the week.