Manifestation is the act of harnessing one's energy and transmuting it into the material plane. It starts with an authentic desire and ends as a palpable reality. Getting from point A (desire) to point B (reality) is the part that garners confusions. Not anymore. Intention Bar makes manifestation accessible, practical, and fun!

Our clients have manifested famous clients, engagements, dream job offers, retiring before 30, hundreds of thousands of dollars, true happiness, moves to new and exciting places, a feature in Vogue, pets, travel, peace and so much more!

ila, the founder of Intention Bar has been studying, researching, learning, teaching, and experimenting with Human Design since her childhood and has over the decade developed a framework unlike anything else being taught currently. While the results speak for themselves and are exciting, ila works from a place of achieving not just things but true happiness as well as the tools to navigate the difficult and turbulent times with more confidence and ease. She believes that the foundation of manifestation is becoming realigned with your purpose for your life and developing the tools to truly achieve your dreams, hand in hand with the support of the Universe. 

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