Human Design Readings

Human Design is the blueprint of who you are a person and energetic being and gives you a unique insights as well as practical implementable tools for how you should be navigating through your life most optimally. Furthermore, the benefits that having an in-depth understanding of your Human Design are innumerable especially with consideration to your manifestation practice.

We are all energetic beings able to tap into the power of the Universe to manifest our dream lives, Human Design tells you how YOU work with energy. it is only once you begin to understand how you harness energy that you can begin to use energetics in an elevated way to start actually manifesting your desires into the material realm. 

In this session you will be lead by the hand into your soul by a Human Design and Manifestation expert who explains your chart to you in a unique and unparalleled way. You will be taught the foundations of your char with the intention of giving you tangible action items and immediate tools to begin living your design and by extension, exponentially up levelling your manifestation practice.

In this session you will be taught invaluable information such as:

How you should be navigating through the world

How you should be making decisions

Optimal manifestation practice

What your energetic gifts and superpowers are and how to leverage them

How you can ground find balance when you're off of your path

What your over-arching purpose is

What you are meant to develop into in this life

So much more.