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Become a Professional Human Design Reader

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 Become a professional Human Design Guide with this comprehensive Intention Bar course that gives you access and rights to use proprietary Intention Bar research, development, and tools to build your own business.

Over the course of 6 weeks you will learn:

How to read the Human Design Chart

How to identify a client's purpose, strengths, points of development, energetic gifts, how they harness energy, how they manifest, how they should be navigating through life most optimally

The Intention Bar method of structuring a Human Design session 

All of the most up to date definitions on energy types, strategies, signatures, not self themes, profiles, planets, gates, channels, authorities, chakras, and so on

How to charge and build a business

In addition you will receive:

A lifetime of guidance and potential for referrals of course.

A volunteer for a session that I’ll sit in on to make sure you have a great handle on the subject matter
How is the course taught?
1 on 1 or very small group setting
Each session consists of a 1 hour zoom session
Is there a payment plan available?
Yes a payment plan is available! Please email for more info.
Once you purchase the course you will be emailed by your instructor within 24 hours to set up your training dates!